The artists Floe and Hobz can be seen leaving the scene of this graffiti mural, carrying their art supplies and painting tools

The Busty, Curvy Ladies of Street Artist Floe

Floe Florence Mousset is a French artist who has a background in traditional graphic design art. She has created many graphic designs that have been used in adverts, on t-shirts and tote bags, on coffee cups and skateboards. At times, Floe Mousset has turned her hand to creating street art murals that feature big, busty […]

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A beautiful woman holds a magic chrystal in this extra large street art mural in Finland by Wild Drawing

These Street Art Murals will Drive You Wild

Wild Drawing is a street artist who was born in Bali, Indonesia, but is now based in Athens, Greece. His love of painting murals has taken him all over the world, however, to places like Sweden, England, Malta, Germany, France and Finland. Some of his paintings are created in urban settings such as warehouse districts […]

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Meet Four Fantastic Japanese Graffiti Artists

Director Shinsuke Tatsukawa introduces us to four influential Japanese street artists; ESOW, AIKO, and the duo KAMI & SASU (aka HITOTZUKI). Each of the artists have their own individual design style, based on the emotions that they would like to express to the world. For some of the graffiti artists, it’s not about communicating with people through their […]

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