Meet Four Fantastic Japanese Graffiti Artists

Director Shinsuke Tatsukawa introduces us to four influential Japanese street artists; ESOW, AIKO, and the duo KAMI & SASU (aka HITOTZUKI). Each of the artists have their own individual design style, based on the emotions that they would like to express to the world. For some of the graffiti artists, it’s not about communicating with people through their […]

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Two graffiti characters enjoy a steaming mug of coffee in this street art mural by Lelin Alves

Lelin Alves’ Graffiti Art puts Personalities into Perspective

Brazilian graffiti artist Lelin Alves travels throughout South America, covering urban walls with his large scale personality portraits. Alves paints his portraits in his unique caricature style; building facial expressions and shapes out of wild angles and bizarre perspectives. By exaggerating some areas of his subject’s faces and minimising others, Alves draws the viewers eyes to […]

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Funny superheroes wear Spanish moustaches in this pop surrealism street art mural by graffiti artist Belin

Belin’s Funny Photo Realistic Graffiti Murals bring Humor to the Streets

Spanish artist Belin works on canvas, paper, and the walls of urban environments. His city-based street art combines photorealism with caricature art. The result is that Belin’s street art murals are a funny reflection of real people. Some of his graffiti characters are involved in real-world situations such as posing for a picture at a […]

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Graffiti artist Seth paints a little French girl in a traditional folk dress in this street art mural in Paris, France

These Children Grew Up to Become Street Art Murals

Street artist Julien Mallard (AKA Seth) travels the world painting graffiti murals of children. His characters are inspired by the country he’s creating in, and his style is inspired by children’s book illustrations. Seth’s graffiti kids wear the traditional clothing of their country or are posed writing in their home language; a reflection of the […]

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Forget Paint. Street Artist Vhils uses EXPLOSIVES to Create his Graffiti.

While most street artists rely on spray paint, markers, stencils and paper and paste to create their graffiti art, Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils) uses explosives to create his murals. By setting his incendiary devices in specific places on a wall, Vhils is able to blow away portions of the wall to leave behind […]

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Watch Naples become a Biblical City Thanks to Street Artist Zilda

The Italian city of Naples (Napoli in Italian) comes under artistic attack when a single paste-up artist papers the streets with his biblical art. The beginning of the video shows the artist at work in his studio, creating paste-up graffiti pieces with oil paint on paper. We later see Zilda wandering the city choosing sites […]

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