Cartoon animals frolic with elements of nature in this tribal street art painting by graffiti artist Phibs

Cartoons Transform into Tribesmen in Phib’s Street Art Murals

Australian graffiti artist Phibs has a distinctive street art style that combines elements of cartoon art and tribal designs. Many of his large street art paintings feature cartoon animals and human figures that are decorated with tribal patterns. These subjects co-exist with ethnic design elements in the overall piece that are rendered in a cartoonish […]

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Monsieur Qui completes his poster street art installation moments before the cops arrive

Watch Street Artist Monsieur Qui Hijack a Billboard

French street artist Monsieur Qui (aka Eric Lacan) creates poster art that he displays mostly on the streets of Paris, France, but occasionally in other European cities. This video shows how Monsieur Qui approaches a billboard display in a nonchalant manner while carrying a ladder and his paper cut outs, roller and glue. Anyone passing by […]

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Inspirational and Introspective: Watch Hopare Paint a Stunningly Beautiful Street Art Portrait

French street artist Hopare (aka Alexandre Monteiro) takes us on an emotive journey in this video that reveals the spaces that inspire him as well as part of his creative process. Hopare’s skills as an aerosol artist are exceptional. The aesthetic value of each of his pieces increases due to his talents with his medium; adding […]

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A beautiful girl exists in her own private space bubble in this portrait graffiti piece by Erase

This Street Artist will ERASE the Ugliness of Urban Walls

Bulgarian street artist Erase (aka Georgi Dimitrov) is spreading his artistic talents across cityscapes; erasing all the ugly walls he can lay his hands on. Erase is also an illustrator who works in a graphic design and comic book style. His bold, colorful graffiti murals have a strong connection to traditional graffiti styles, yet also incorporate […]

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“I’m a Professional – That’s Why I Work on the Streets”

A sexy, dreadlocked street performer entertains passers-by in Montreal, Canada, using “volunteers” (which he humorously drags out of his audience) as props for his acrobatic stunts. Peppered with humor and tongue-in-cheek comments about social issues, this performance drew a varied crowd; young and old, conformist and non-conformist. Though this performance takes some time to get […]

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An enormous bee sculpture made out of trash is the central focus of this captivating street art installation by Bordalo

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See Bordalo II’s Street Art

Bordalo Segundo (“segundo” means “second”) is a second generation artist. He grew up in Lisbon, Portugal, watching his grandfather, known as the “Real Bordalo” painting images of the city of Lisbon. Bordalo Segundo followed in his grandfather’s artistic footsteps, but decided to take his artistic pursuits one step further. Instead of painting images of the […]

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