Monsieur Qui completes his poster street art installation moments before the cops arrive

Watch Street Artist Monsieur Qui Hijack a Billboard

French street artist Monsieur Qui (aka Eric Lacan) creates poster art that he displays mostly on the streets of Paris, France, but occasionally in other European cities. This video shows how Monsieur Qui approaches a billboard display in a nonchalant manner while carrying a ladder and his paper cut outs, roller and glue. Anyone passing by […]

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A beautiful girl exists in her own private space bubble in this portrait graffiti piece by Erase

This Street Artist will ERASE the Ugliness of Urban Walls

Bulgarian street artist Erase (aka Georgi Dimitrov) is spreading his artistic talents across cityscapes; erasing all the ugly walls he can lay his hands on. Erase is also an illustrator who works in a graphic design and comic book style. His bold, colorful graffiti murals have a strong connection to traditional graffiti styles, yet also incorporate […]

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Graffiti heads yell at passing cars in this funny animated GIF

Street Art that Springs to Life in Graffiti GIFs

Some inspired GIF animators have turned their hand to animating graffiti and street art. The resulting animations reveal both the street artists’ creativity and the animator’s imaginations. Some are humorous and interact with the world around them, while others move in a surreal and otherworldly manner, ignoring the mundanity of reality.

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A beautiful girl empathizes with viewers who miss their home in this street art paste up by El Bocho

Street Artist El Bocho Brings Beauty to Berlin

This Berlin-based artist has decided to give himself the name, “El Bocho”, which means “Little Donkey”. While he might be a little donkey, one of El Bocho’s favorite characters to use in his street art is a cartoon character called Little Lucy, based on a Czechoslovakian cartoon from the 70s. But the little donkey thought […]

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