Graffiti Artist Blu Animates Evolution on the Streets

Blu is an Italian street artist who creates animated graffiti. He uses a method called stop frame animation, also known as stop motion animation, to create videos of graffiti that creeps, crawls, swims and flies. The animation method is time-consuming. The animator must move an object, or draw a new “frame” and take a picture […]

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Monsieur Qui completes his poster street art installation moments before the cops arrive

Watch Street Artist Monsieur Qui Hijack a Billboard

French street artist Monsieur Qui (aka Eric Lacan) creates poster art that he displays mostly on the streets of Paris, France, but occasionally in other European cities. This video shows how Monsieur Qui approaches a billboard display in a nonchalant manner while carrying a ladder and his paper cut outs, roller and glue. Anyone passing by […]

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