Surrender, made out of PVC by 3D graffiti artist Peeta

3D Graffiti Sculptures by Peeta give a New Perspective to Graffiti

Inspired by graffiti writing and shapes, Peeta has taken his street art into the realm of 3D, creating sculptures that express the forms of graffiti art with physical depth and perspective. Peeta creates his sculptures either out of polyurethane, which he then spray paints. Other materials include cardboard, wood, fabric, graphite and cellulose actetate. Each material creates […]

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Street Artist Leper brings the Relationship between Man and Nature into the City

Allen “Leper” Hampton paints a bee-themed mural for his friend’s wedding, designed by the groom as a sticky sweet surprise for his bride. The theme of the mural shows the soon-to-be-married couple surrounded by honeycomb, bees and flowers, all of which are symbols of productivity, fertility and plenty. It’s certainly a unique way to give […]

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Grupo Acidum street artist combine their different art styles to create this incredible mural of a beautiful girl

Street Artists Grupo Acidum Explore the Freedom of the Mind

Latin American street artists, Grupo Acidum, are painting their way across the planet, sharing their ideas and art with anyone who passes by. Their street art murals are the result of genuine talent and artistic expression. Though their paintings have sometimes been labelled as erratic or even outrageous, this collaborative group of artists have stuck […]

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Watch Street Artists Zamforia give this Boring Wall a Fresh Perspective

Kristian Roca and Jonathan ‘JAM’ Mendez from the art group Zamforia team up with a couple of friends to create this colorful, geometric wall mural. The painting is designed around the word “FRESH” and includes bright, contrasting colors and geometric shapes to create a funky and fun perspective of the word. According to their website, “ZAMFORIA […]

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