Two graffiti characters enjoy a steaming mug of coffee in this street art mural by Lelin Alves

Lelin Alves’ Graffiti Art puts Personalities into Perspective

Brazilian graffiti artist Lelin Alves travels throughout South America, covering urban walls with his large scale personality portraits. Alves paints his portraits in his unique caricature style; building facial expressions and shapes out of wild angles and bizarre perspectives. By exaggerating some areas of his subject’s faces and minimising others, Alves draws the viewers eyes to […]

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Graffiti artist Seth paints a little French girl in a traditional folk dress in this street art mural in Paris, France

These Children Grew Up to Become Street Art Murals

Street artist Julien Mallard (AKA Seth) travels the world painting graffiti murals of children. His characters are inspired by the country he’s creating in, and his style is inspired by children’s book illustrations. Seth’s graffiti kids wear the traditional clothing of their country or are posed writing in their home language; a reflection of the […]

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Watch Street Artist Nychos Paint a Gruesome Wall Mural

Austrian artist Nychos specializes in cheerfully macabre paintings of dissected animals and people. His fascination with anatomy began at a young age; he was raised in a hunting family who introduced him to every aspect of hunting; from stalking and killing an animal to butchering the carcass and treating the remains. The colors, textures and […]

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