Watch Street Artist Nychos Paint a Gruesome Wall Mural

Austrian artist Nychos specializes in cheerfully macabre paintings of dissected animals and people. His fascination with anatomy began at a young age; he was raised in a hunting family who introduced him to every aspect of hunting; from stalking and killing an animal to butchering the carcass and treating the remains. The colors, textures and […]

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Artist Anck Millan gives this wall a colorful facelift with one of his geometric graffiti murals

Street Artist Anck Millan Renews the City’s Spirit with Abstract Graffiti

Based in Santiago de Cali, Colombian artist Anck Millan heads into the guts of the city to renew its spirit with his colorful abstract graffiti murals. Incorporating elements of geometry, abstract art and decorative patterns, Millan builds his murals around human figures and human ideas. His art is an abstract reflection of the society they exist […]

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An overexcitable pink elephant celebrates a funny birthday in this colorful street art mural by graffiti artist Duke 103

Duke 103’s Graffiti Characters Own Spain’s Street Art Scene

Spanish street artist Duke 103 brings color and movement to the streets of his hometown Valencia in Spain with his large scale street art murals. The subjects of his murals are generally personified animals and funny caricatures of people. His use of perspective and caricature techniques are eye-catching and draw the viewer into the scene […]

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Ashop street artists celebrate the completion of their large scale mural of the Madonna in Montreal

It Took 500 Cans of Spray Paint to Create this Magnificent Madonna Mural

Five talented Canadian street artists used 500 cans of spray paint over 16 days to create a large-scale wall mural of the Madonna. They drew inspiration for the style of the piece from the works of Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha, and incorporated symbols of Montreal’s history into the mural. One of these symbols is […]

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Street artist Guache paints a colorful graffiti mural of a tribal leader with an owl totem

Street Artist GUACHE Remembers the Past with his Ancestral Graffiti

Colombian street artist Guache combines ancestral imagery and contemporary design elements to create graffiti murals that celebrate both his heritage and his personal, modern existence. Guache works primarily with spray paint to create his colorful street art murals, adding detail and building up the design with short strokes and geometric shapes. Guache has spread his […]

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Titi Freak combines Japanese art styles with Brazilian colors in this street art mural of a giant fish

Titi Freak’s Street Art is a Fusion of Japanese and South American Ideas

Hamilton Yokota, who goes by the graffiti handle Titi Freak, is a São Paulo native with Japanese ancestry. His street art murals combine traditional Japanese art styles with the abstract art that is often found in South America. Not only does he fuse art styles from both Brazil and Japan, he has also created Brazilian-styled wall […]

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This is the Kind of Team Work You Get when Two Street Artists get Married

French street and gallery artists Supakitch and Koralie have a unique collaborative style; they work together not just to create indoor and outdoor wall murals, but they also work together to build a life as a married couple. When proposing to Koralie, Supakitch chose a proposal method that was relevant to them both; he created […]

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Street Artist Aryz Shows his Methods and Techniques in this Time Lapse Video

Spanish graffiti artist Aryz reveals his painting methods in this video that shows him creating an indoor commissioned mural for a pizzeria. His tools include aerosol paint and paint brushes. He sprays the aerosol paint into caps which he then uses as a portable palette to dip his brush in as he works; creating fine […]

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