“I’m a Professional – That’s Why I Work on the Streets”

A sexy, dreadlocked street performer entertains passers-by in Montreal, Canada, using “volunteers” (which he humorously drags out of his audience) as props for his acrobatic stunts. Peppered with humor and tongue-in-cheek comments about social issues, this performance drew a varied crowd; young and old, conformist and non-conformist. Though this performance takes some time to get […]

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Watch Phlegm Turn a Sketch into Street Art

Street artist Phlegm was asked to create a mural for the Milllenium Gallery in Sheffield, England. This video shows Phlegm’s creative process as he uses ink and a fine nibbed pen to create a highly detailed design for the mural. Phlegm’s art works have a similar texture to that found in antique wood cut art. […]

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Street Artist REKA ONE Likes Writing his Name on Your Property

Street artist Reka One (James Reka) is spreading his graphic design style graffiti art from Melbourne, Australia, to Berlin, Germany, conquering walls every step of the way. Some of his art works have been bought by the National Gallery of Australia, an institution that supports street artists from Australia and the international art scene, reflecting Reka […]

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Domesticity, industry and nature merge in this surrealist street art mural by Wes21

Wes21 turns Science Fiction into Street Art

Wes21 (Remo Lienhard) is a Swiss-born street artist who combines modern technology, science fiction ideas and animals from the natural world to create surrealist street art scenes that mash several worlds into one. This is no easy feat, yet Wes21 seamlessly combines this varied subject matter into cohesive, captivating street art murals. From a young […]

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This surreal street art painting by Dinho Bento shows how bizarre human society has become by depicting an average couple as half animal

There’s Nothing Normal about Dinho Bento’s Street Art

Little is known about this reclusive street artist. He appears to be from Brazil and he once said, “Amid the overwhelming global crisis, our contemporary society is the most consumerist of history. The savage capitalism that prioritizes only profit, does not care about the negative causes that your product can create to the consumer, treating […]

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Street artist Stinkfish uses a found photograph of a little girl to create this psychedelic graffiti portrait

Street Artist Stinkfish Immortalises Strangers in Psychedelic Pop Art Paintings

Colombian street artist Stinkfish starts his artistic process by either seeking out discarded photos or secretly taking photographs of people he’s never met. He then transforms these portraits into large graffiti murals and completes each artwork with psychedelic patterns and splashes of color. These colorful designs add a spiritual, emotional element to his works, inspiring empathy […]

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