Phil Lumbang creates a cute and cuddly street art work that makes a positive anti-racism comment

The Polite Bears of Street Artist Phil Lumbang

Philip Lumbang’s graffiti bears were born on the streets of Los Angeles. The stories that the bears tell are a reflection of Lumbang’s attitudes toward life. His first bears were often shockingly rude little dudes, but as it says on his website, “the bears transformed as Philip did. As a counter attack to the world’s […]

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A fish wears its skeleton on the outside in this black and white street art painting by graffiti artist ROA

ROA’s Giant Animal Graffiti turns Cities into Zoos

ROA was made by his mum and dad in 1976. Since then he’s done stuff, including becoming a street artist. ROA’s giant graffiti murals feature animals that are indigenous to the area that he’s creating in. For example, in South Africa, he painted street art murals of zebras, giraffes and other African animals, for San […]

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Watch a Woman Emerge from this Abandoned Wall

Tankpetrol is a Polish-born artist who now lives in Manchester, UK. He creates both commissioned and non-commissioned street art murals as well as fine art pieces. When creating outdoors, Tankpetrol uses paint brushes, spray cans, stencils and rollers to create his graphic-styled art works. Most of his graffiti pieces feature women as the main subject […]

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Graffiti artist Aryz paints an enormous chicken that falls to pieces, revealing a fried egg in this street art mural

Huge, Graphic and Gory Street Art Murals by Aryz

Aryz is an artist from Barcelona, Spain, who creates both indoor and outdoor art. That is, he has turned his hand to creating enormous street art murals around the world while still pursuing art indoors in the form of illustrations and paintings. His graffiti paintings are mixed media, created with spray cans, rollers and brushes, […]

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Matt Sorensen fire

Spray Paint on Fire! Matt Sorensen Experiments

American artist Matt Sorensen experiments with a variety of spray paint techniques, including setting fire to the paint. (Please note that spray cans can explode when exposed to fire, so if you’re going to try this, keep flames far away from your spray cans.) The resulting effect includes scorch marks and smoky patterns. Sorensen moves […]

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